Sunday, July 3, 2022

Ruto: drama on Kenei’s murder amounts to criminal cover-up

DP William Ruto has called for the immediate release of the truth behind the death of Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei.

Addressing the issue on social media, DP William Ruto said the truth behind why, who and how the killed his security detail must be found.

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He continued by saying that the truth is wanted by not only the family but also the Office of the Deputy Prosecutor.

“The truth must be found on why, how,and who killed Sgt Kenei.

The family, ODP, and Kenyans want the truth & justice and culprits held to account.

The drama, distortions, convenient half-truths and the smear campaigns in sponsored headlines amount to a criminal cover-up.”

Latest revelations on Kenei’s murder

DP Ruto’s statement comes hours after DCI boss George Kinoti claimed it was not a suicide case.

Demonstrating to members of the press, he described the possibilities of how the body could be if it was a suicide case.

Kinoti continued by saying that the scene of the crime was neatly kept suggesting the body was placed there.

A videotape from the CCTV cameras at Harambee House ruled out DP Ruto’s take that the meeting took 23 minutes.

The video showed the last moments of Kenei who was on shift when the investors in the fake firearm scandal came.

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