Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Saudi Arabia lifts travel restriction on women

It is a big win for women in Saudi Arabia after the government lifted the ban on women to travel abroad without the permission of a male guardian.

This means the women will now have the same rights as that of men as announced by the Saudi Arabia government on Friday.

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The move follows a series of backlash against the government of the treatment of women in the country.

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Last year women were allowed to own driving license something that was also restricted in the country.

Women activists in the country were also under tight restriction despite the plight to have their voices listened.

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In the new rights, Saudi Arabia women will also be allowed to register the marriage, childbirth or divorce without restrictions.

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Berryl Achieng
Berryl Achieng
Kenyan news interests me a lot but I also keep tabs on other news making headlines in Africa and around the world.

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