Saudi Arabia oil attacks: US point Iran as cause

US officials have pointed Iran as the alleged cause of bombing of the Saudi Arabia oil attacks on Saturday.

The US further released satellite images showing the impact points of the drone attacks that Yemen rebels Houthi has claimed responsibility.

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Iran has however maintained its innocence as the Saudi Arabia oil attacks disrupted oil supplies in the world by almost 5%.

Speaking after the attack President Donald Trump said they believe they know culprit with information locked and loaded.

They are however waiting for the Kingdom to say who they believe to be behind the attacks and how they will proceed to expose the information.

Iran Prime Minister Adel Abdul claims to have spoken to US Secretary of State Mr. Mike Pompeo who assures his support to their story.

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The officials who are exposing the information claim as per the impact, the direction of the attack could either be from Iran or Iraq but not by Houthi as earlier claimed.

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Media house ABC revealed that senior official from the Trump administration confirmed the President was of the idea it was Iran who was responsible.

The attacks have drastically increased fuel prices in the world with a barrel retailing at 71 dollars from 11 US dollars.

President Donald Trump has however said he will use the reserved oil in strategic places to endure the country does not suffer from the deficits.

Only time will tell if the recent revelations will have any impacts on the relationship between the US and Iran as the world watches the prices from the stock markets.

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