Am an introvert,reveals Kibaki’s grandson Sean Andrew

Former president Kibaki’s grandson Sean Andrew has on Tuesday revealed that he is an introvert something that very few people know about.

In a lengthy statement he starts by saying that he is that person who does not a lot about himself online and that his name Andrew is a middle name out of 6 other names that he has.

He continues by saying that he is not materialistic in the sense of showing off who he meets, how he spends money or what cars he drives, when he drives, who he has dated or who he is dating.

“To whomever may read this caption, Hi I’m not someone who shares a lot about me online, like I’m sure you didn’t know Andrew is a middle name out of 6 other names I have… I don’t enjoy being materialistic in the sense of showing off who I meet, how I spend money or what cars I drive, when I drive, who I’ve dated or who I am dating.” Said Sean Andrew.

The actor then reveals how he is an introvert something that has seen his family and friends complain that he is too selfish by putting others first before himself. He therefore would like people to know that if they ever come into his personal space they should never think he is a snob.

This is what he had to say“I am as introverted as they come, so next time you come into my personal space don’t jump into conclusions that I’m a snob when I don’t give you eye contact… I am happy I have my friends and family who always complain that I’m too selfless because I put others first before I do. That’s why I wrote this down, to open up a little and say I appreciate you enough to be a little vulnerable. I’m here for both a good time and a long time and if I can share with you something that’ll brighten your day and more then all is good and well if not, I’ll try and try again…. One love to you all”

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