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Secrets to achieving female orgasms

Just like that? Did you finish? This pair of questions bear sad news as it openly indicates that you underperformed. When you retaliate and ask her whether she achieved orgasm, odds are she did not.

Orgasms, in simple terms, are the apex of sexual excitement pervaded by hot-blooded pleasurable feelings.

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Now that you are aware of this, you are probably asking yourself: how can I make sure woman orgasms during sex? Perhaps now is the perfect time to up your bed game and try these tips by sexual health experts.

1. Use tender touch

Touch your woman’s hands and thighs softly, hug her while roaming your hands to more erotic regions on her body such as breasts. This is more likely to bring about orgasms as the touching prepares her mentally for your next moves. If your woman is mentally prepared for your upcoming liaison, it is a guarantee for a better sexual experience.

2. Motivate your woman

Keeping quiet raises doubt in a woman on whether you feel satisfied with her. A positive talk throughout the activity is a key to faster orgasms. The woman feels linked to you when you appreciate her and keep throwing compliments while handling each other. She feels better when you open up and spit what you feel about her, it boosts her attitude as she feels accepted before you.

3. Forget about porn

Shy away from preconceptions gathered while streaming your favorite X-rated video. Focus on your woman and play your game. Try new moves with her, not the moves you saw in your adult movie. This is because people are different, and they will work with different styles rather than those of your ‘actors’. So, resist the push to suggest a gang bang and prioritize enjoying your time.

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Justus Kiprono
Justus Kiprono
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