Thursday, May 13, 2021

Sevilla completely reject joining European Super Cup

Spanish side Sevilla has rejected joining European Super Cup citing economic parameters and violation of UEFA regulations.

They continued by saying that the competition is against the spirit of football and is against their DNA of setting ambitious goals and achieving more outside the football pitch.

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According to Sevilla, the Super Cup has been formed on self interest by rich clubs who want to benefit out of it and lock out other clubs and lose the general touch of football.

The Spanish side completely agrees with UEFA Executive committee implementation which they say are matters that are first discussed and agreed by various clubs in the first place.

“Sevilla announces they’re not joining the SuperLeague and they’ve no interest in this kind of project. “I’m so proud of our club, we say no to the Super League”, director of football leonsfdo also added.” Said Sevilla.

The news comes a time when UEFA is panning to ban Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Manchester United and Manchester City out of the Champions League and Europa League over their decision to join the league.

“UEFA decision about UCL and UEL semi-finals will be made in the next days after meeting with legal team. They’ll decide whether to exclude City, Chelsea, Real, Man Utd, Arsenal. Ceferin wants to “ban them as soon as possible”. It’s NOT decided – depends by the legal team.” Said Fabrizo Romano.

Alex Kiprop
News Moto sports correspondent. Catch up the latest results when they happen and as they happen, locally and international

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