Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Shalom Hospital: action taken after woman gave birth on the floor


The government has begun investigation into Shalom Hospital in Machakos County when a pregnant woman was left unattended at the reception as nurses sipped their tea.

Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board officials also made their way into the facility to find more details of the incident.

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Speaking on Monday Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua said that the value of the human life, proper and respectful treatment of the sick is paramount.

“The value of human life, proper and respectful treatment of the sick is paramount and an indicator of civilization. I am very disappointed by what has been going on at the Private facility.” Said Governor Mutua.

How Shalom Hospital incident came into light

The Shalom Hospital incident came into light when a man took her wife to the facility over the Easter for treatment.

 A woman who was in labor was brought to the facility too in a wheelchair with the nurses at the facility being notified it was an emergency case.

They however ignored her plea for help as they sited sipping their tea with one nurse telling the woman to stand on her feet.

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It was at that moment when the baby dropped down on the floor prompting one nurse to jump into action attending to the patient.

The man who took the video could be heard scolding the nurses for their negligence in handling the issue.

Government action taken already.

Following investigations by the government, the following decisions were made;

1.John Ndege, Casualty nurse: Withdrawal of nursing license for 3 months. To undergo retraining at KNH.

2. Edna Nyarangi, not registered as a nurse by nursing council. Considered a quark. To be prosecuted. She has been arrested.

3. Thomas Ndolo, Hospital administrator – hiring of quarks and contravening the law and procedures. He has also been arrested.

4. Samuel Ongoya : Reprimanded

5. Kelvin Samita : Mentorship at Machakos level 5 for 1 month.

6. Dr. Mutembei Itunga: Reprimanded for failure to institute infection prevention control.

7. Institution (Shalom hospital Athi river).

 a. Guilty of Employing unlicensed personnel

b. Lack of appropriate standard operating procedures and failure to enforce available ones.

c. Lack of staff orientation leading to worse outcomes. d. Inappropriate deployment of health personnel. e. Lack of supervision within the institution.

f. Accidents and emergency unit doesn’t meet the minimum criteria. Verdict: 1. Shalom Hospital Reprimanded 2. Joint clinical audit to start tomorrow at 9 am on staffing and Standard Operating Procedures.

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