Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Shanghai chemical plant explosion kills one

At least one person is feared dead after an explosion erupted at a chemical plant in Shanghai, China.

The Saturday morning fire at Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co. caused a huge black smoke that was quickly brought under control by the fire department.

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An aerial view of the incident captured by drones revealed multiple fires in the industrial area of Shanghai with huge smoke covering the sky. Immediately after it was put under control, proactive burning resumed as confirmed by state media Xinhua.

“The fire at the scene has been effectively brought under control and protective burning is currently being carried out,”┬ásaid Xinhua

The news comes at a time when the city was resuming operation following two months of lockdown to combat the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. The ban was lifted in June at a time when the country was still making recoveries in the economy.

Over 500 fire fighting personnel were dispatched following the scary incident that was heard kilometers away as revealed on social media by residents who were still in shock.

The government is yet to release an official statement and reveal the cause of the 4 am explosion.

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