Monday, December 6, 2021

Shirleen Mukami denies conning Kenyans following Obare’s expose

20-year-old Shirleen Mukami has come out to defend allegations that she conned Kenyans close to Ksh 800,000 following her plight on social media on 10th November 2021.

The single mother of one shared her painful story that touched the heart of many Kenyans who came together to help her raise some money to assist both her and a group of fellow single mothers.

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“My entire pregnacy was a journey of unforgettable pain, sorrow and regrets. I had thought otherwise about keeping this baby but eventually, I decided to keep it and raise him. I shared the news of my pregnancy to the man I was in love with. The man I knew was responsible.

I had already anticipated his reaction and had told my girls that he would deny responsibility. And he did. I was not surprised. But what hurt me most is that I didn’t even tell him about it to try and ‘trap’ him into raising the baby with me. I had decided I would still keep it.” Said Shirleen.

Following the news, blogger Edgar Obare shared screenshot of alleged discussion between her alleged baby daddy Cabu Gah better known as Kenneth Gachie who was behind sharing of the story as confirmed by Shirleen.

According to the friends, Shirleen had been coached by Cabu on how they will get the money and buy himself a brand new car in addition to being coach on how to respond to questions.

The single mother of one denied the allegations confirming that Kenneth Gachie came into the picture to popularize her initiative as he been successful in previous campaigns.

She continued by saying that the money donated was still intact and that they will continue with the initiative alone without the help of Gachie.

“I, a single mom, approached Kenneth Gachie to help me popularize my initiative. As stated here already, he has been good at that and successfully did a campaign for his sister last year to buy an electric wheelchair and make donations to spinal injury victims.

He also did a successful fundraiser for his mom-in-law who suffered a stroke last year and for his Bro-in-law who sadly passed away. I’ve known Kenneth to be good with social media and believed he would help popularize my initiative and he did.

I’ve called him about the chats with his boys and he said they were simply idle chats that he and his boys normally have. I feel terrible about the chats and how they have affected what I thought was going to be my biggest break.

My girls and I have agreed mutually that we proceed with the initiative by ourself and agreed with Kenneth that his help in airing our plight was great but that we need to forge ahead by ourselves now. Kenneth will make a statement of his own soon as he has told us.

I founded this campaign with Phoebe and Stella and we shall, together, address the matter fully in video. We have contacted a lawyer who shall now move with us and we try to resolve these matters. That’s all I can say as of now.

And for the record, none of the funds have so far been WITHDRAWN. All the monies are still with MCHANGA and we shall be advised next on what to do with them. Nothing has so far been withdrawn.

That’s all I can say for now and I hope all shall be settled and resolved even as we remain committed to our initial plans and initiative.” Said Shirleen

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