Sunday, December 5, 2021

Sierra Leone oil tanker explosion leaves scores dead

A collision between an oil tanker and lorry in Freetown, Sierra Leone has left over 99 people dead.

The sad incident occurred after the two collided and fuel spill before an inferno sparked and engulfed passerby killing them on the spot.

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According to local media, badly burned bodies people could be seen lying in the streets. The news caught the attention of President Julius Maada Bio who expressed how deeply hew depressed by the inferno.

He continued by promising that his government will do everything in its powers to support the affected families.

Over 100 people are currently receiving treatment at various hospitals with reports confirming that some of the patients are severely by the fire. The Friday incident occurred at a densely populated area in the capital of Freetown.

Images from the scene revealed how some buses and personal vehicles were turned to ashes. Nearby shops were also burnt down as the inferno spread in the affected area destroying goods of unknown amount.

At the time of the incident, residents are reported to have rushed to the scene to fetch the precious commodity causing a huge traffic snarl-up before a fire ball sparked and run over them and the vehicles.

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