Singapore officials seize 8 tonnes of elephant ivory

Singapore has Sunday seized a record 8.8 tonnes of elephant Ivory that is estimated to have been obtained from 300 elephants.

The shipment that is said to have come from the Democratic Republic of Congo also included Pangolin scales estimated to have come from 2,000 mammals.

An official statement from the officials in Singapore said that the consignment was on it was to Vietnam before the inspection was conducted.

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Its documents indicated that it contained timber only for immigration officers to realize the illegal stash of elephant ivory and Pangolin scales.

The ivory is estimated to have a market value of 12.9 million Dollars, the largest haul in Singapore history.

Pangolin scales found by the authorities is estimated to have a market value of 35.7 million Dollars.

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All seizure items are believed to have come from different countries due to the quantity obtained. Pangolin is one of the endangered species highly trafficked to Asian countries.

Pangolin scales are believed to carry medicinal value and their meat is a favorite food among many users.

On the other hand, elephant ivory is converted and used to make accessories such as earrings, cups, and pendants.

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