Saturday, September 25, 2021

Singer Crystal Asige reportedly attacked by an Uber driver


Singer and songwriter Crystal Asige has reportedly been attacked by an Uber driver on her way home from the studio.

Narrating the incident on social media, the visually challenged singer said that the Uber driver by the name of Divon Kimondo Maigua.

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She continues by warning the general public from using the said driver especially women and people with disability.

“WARNING: Nissan KCU317X. This Uber driver tried to attack me last night at the end of my trip on the way home from the studio at midnight: DIVON KIMONDO MAIGUA 0721403854. Do not use this driver, or enter this car – to all women, especially with a disability”

Kenyans on social media were however not convinced by her story arguing as to why she is reporting the matter on social media.

Others wondered as to how a person in his right would attempt someone just in front of her gate.

Here are the reactions;

“He could have attacked you anywhere along the trip but chose to do it hapo kwako nje?? What are you not telling us?”

“We have been in this app for long and know people can do anything for clout… Remember ule wa last year new years eve mwenye alidai amevunjwa magoti na bado alikuwa amepona ready to party within a few hours.”

“If she can tell us what the disagreement was all about, it would be easy to see who was wrong. But as of now, I can’t condemn the driver without hearing his part of the story.”

Uber’s take on the issue

Uber was quick to pick up the matter asking Crystal Asige to provide the mobile number of the said driver.

The songwriter herself confirmed to have received a phone call from the company’s London office requesting her statement.

“Thank you, everyone. I reported this to Uber and they escalated it immediately. Someone from their London office phoned me within minutes to take my statement. I am now waiting for their feedback..” Said Crystal.

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