Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Six lions in Uganda found dead in suspected poisoning

Six lions are feared dead at Queen Elizabeth National park as confirmed by Uganda Wildlife Authority on Saturday.

According to the authority, the carcasses of the six lions were found at Ishasha sector with missing body parts with eight vultures found dead in a suspected poisoning by unknown people.

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Already a team of investigators are on the issue with the authority also including the possibility of illegal wildlife trafficking due to the missing body parts which might be in the market at the moment for a potential buyer.

Uganda Wildlife Authority has condemned the incident terming it not only illegal but a loss to the wildlife and tourism in the country with the income generated used to maintain the conservation and community at large.

Tourism in Uganda has been ranked the top foreign exchange earner contributing 10% of GDP and 23% of exports. An estimated 1.6 billion dollars has been channeled to the economy which in turn has been used to improve the wellbeing of communities around the parks.

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