Sixteen notorious robbery suspects arrested in Embakasi

Police from Villa Police Station in Embakasi on Friday arrested sixteen suspected notorious robbers in their hideout in the Transami area.

The suspects were arrested in possession of a toy pistol, 37 knives, 3 pangas, and 2 hammers. Also recovered 158 rolls of bhang, 2 litres of chang’aa and ten Kenya Power cables.

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“National Police Service officers in various parts of the country continue to work tirelessly to ensure safety and security for all.

Police from Villa Police Station in Embakasi, Nairobi yesterday arrested 16 suspected muggers from their hideout within Transami area. The officers searched the hideout and found one toy pistol, 37 knives, 3 pangas and 2 hammers.

Other items recovered include 158 rolls of bhang, 2 litres of chang’aa, and 10 Kenya Power meter boxes, suspected to have been stolen.

We appreciate the unwavering support and partnership with National Goverment Administration Officers and members of the public who immensely contributed to the success of this operation.” Said National Police Service.

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