Size 8 opens up about miscarriage and its effect on her marriage

Gospel singer Size has on Tuesday opened up about her miscarriage and the challenges that came with it.

Size 8 first explains marriage as institution that is created by God but the devil hates it so much with passion and would do anything to destroy it.

She emphasizes the need of Jesus in marriage because without Him, marriage is impossible.

“Marriage the 1st institution created by God the Father and it is a representation of our marriage as the church as the bride with Jesus Christ as the bride groom in heaven that’s why the devil hates it with passion. Without Jesus at the centre of our marriage so we can access the holy spirit to help us, marriage is next to impossible.

The devil wants to break homes Jesus wants to build homes always remember that . Team up with Jesus and build and fight for your marriage.” Said Size 8.

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It is at this point that Size 8 says that through her miscarriage she has learnt that it can break up or shake up a marriage.

“I’ve come to know a miscarriage can actually destroy a marriage or shake it after miscarriage get counseling please please and determine to face the lose together.” Conclude Size 8

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