Size 8 splits from DJ Mo and takes kids with her

Gospel singer Linet well known as Size 8 is reported to have split with her husband and celebrity DJ Mo according to close sources.

Confirming to Nairobi News, the source revealed that the mother of two left her matrimonial home and took the kids with her.

Even though the two have not spoken about the issue in public, the source out of anonymity confirmed that Size 8 left the house while angry at the husband.

It is rumored that the two celebrity couple has had some unreconcilable differences of late given the lifestyle of her husband coming back home late and receiving unpleasant phone calls.

They have however maintained their business presence so as to keep up the appearances for the sake of corporates in contract with them.

“They have to keep up the appearance that they are together to avoid messing up the business. Size 8 has had it and her decision to move out is final. She moved out last week,” the source told Nairobi News

This is the third time Size 8 and DJ Mo have gone their separate ways before reuniting. The first time the gospel singer left her matrimonial and in the second instance, it was DJ Mo who was kicked out of the house.

Size 8 later admitted being short-tempered as DJ Mo apologized for his behavior.

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