Soleimani: General killed by the U.S, Iran promise revenge

Iran’s second most powerful figure Qasem Soleimani has been killed by the U.S authorized by President Trump.

Soleimani who is the Commander General of Quds Force was murdered during an airstrike.

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Following the attack, Iran and the U.S have been locked in a war that has also involved their close allies Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Also killed in the strike was a close adviser to Qasem and Israel Commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.

Last week Iran attacked the U.S Embassy, an attack claimed to have been planned by Abu Mahdi.

Responding to the airstrike, Iran Prime Minister issued out a statement telling the U.S that they have indeed violated their deal.

The Pentagon assured citizens that enough caution was taken to protect citizens abroad before and after the attack.

A source that requested anonymity revealed that Qasem was killed following a drone attack and not a helicopter attack as claimed.

Oil supplies are feared would be disrupted as prices have shot up over speculations in the market.

Americans working in the oil fields in Iraq have already left as the U.S requested all citizens to return home.

Issuing his statement, Iran Supreme Leader Khamenei said his death will be avenged.

He also issued three days of mourning terming the late commander as a hero of the country.

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