Friday, May 27, 2022

South Africa to host Africa’s first COVID-19 vaccine facility

South Africa has on Monday confirmed that they will host the first COVID-19 vaccine production facility in Africa.

The news was confirmed by President Cyril Ramaphosa who joined the World Health Organization (WHO) and President Emmanuel Macron of France about the new COVID-19 technology hub in the continent.

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Even thou South Africa has received the nod, production of the vaccines is expected to kick off early next year.

Through the exchange, the technology used in the production process is transferred to the manufacturers who also receive the necessary training and licenses.

Speaking during the meeting, President Ramaphosa said it was about time that Africa becomes self reliant on production and distribution of the vaccine and many other health products.

He continued by saying that as a continent they cannot rely on vaccines from international partners as they never reach on time when many are passing away each and every day.

WHO praised the move saying that the hub will bridge the gap between the poor and wealthiest countries in the country.

They also promised to ensure that South Africa is quickly granted the required licenses for operation even though production will take 12 months before it can begin.

South Africa is among other countries including India who have called for subsidies to have intellectual property rights in the production of vaccines.

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