Thursday, August 18, 2022

South Carolina mall shooting leaves 12 injured

At least twelve people are reported injured ten of them due to gunfire following a shooting incident at a shopping mall in South Carolina.

Three people have already been arrested after the Saturday incident with the police confirming that it was not an act of violence but a bitter exchange between two armed rival groups.

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It is still not clear how the incident went down but media reports confirmed a heavy presence of security personnel and emergency response teams at the mall in Columbia.

Eight of the ten shot after the gunfire were taken to the nearest hospitals for medical attention with two of them confirmed to be in critical condition. The remaining six are in stable conditions.

After the incident, two people suffered injuries following a stampede as bystanders run for their lives unaware of what was happening inside the mall.

Police who arrived at the scene confirmed three people were in possession of firearms but it was only one person who fired causing the injuries. All the three suspects have been arrested pending further investigations.

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