Spain rescuers retrieve boy’s body trapped inside a well

Spain rescuers have managed to retrieve a body of a two year old boy who was trapped inside a well for two weeks.

The boy identified as Jullen Rosello was trapped inside a 100 m deep borehole covered with soil. Miners had to work day and night to retrieve his body.

Technical issues hindered the whole process but it was on Saturday that the government of Malaga announced that the rescue team had found the boy’s body.

Jullen is said to have fell in the borehole as he walked with his parents in the private land in Malaga. Rescue operations had to use explosives as the soil was hard and blocked with rocks.

The third explosive was set off on Friday that helped the rescuers make through to the borehole.

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A shaft was then inserted through the well to send miners up and down in what was termed as a careful operation as the mountains were in control.

A DNA from the hair strand obtained at the site matched that of Jullen but no visual or verbal contacts have been made so far.

Speaking to the media, Jullen’s dad said that he was disappointed with the rescue operations but prayed for a miracle to happen.

Reports indicate that the parents lost one of their young son in 2017 due to a heart attack.

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