Special team from DCI dispatched to River Yala

National Police Service (NPS) has on Wednesday confirmed knowledge of dead bodies floating on River Yala following Tuesday expose.

Through a statement, NPS confirmed receiving news of 19 bodies floating on the River in a period of two years contrary to media reports.

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“in the last two years, 19 incidences involving human bodies found dumped into river Yala have been reported to the National Police Service. This number represents a cumulative body count over the slated period contrary to media reports insinuating all the incidences are recent occurrences.” Said NPS

It is due to the above that a team of investigators was sent to the scene but unluckily no one came forward to claim any of the bodies making things difficult.

In order to speed up investigations, National Police Service has sent a special team of investigators to River Yala and Yala Sub-County Level 4 hospital.

According to reports, the dumped bodies could have been from other counties making identification difficult as families of the deceased are far away.

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