Sri Lanka death toll rises to 290 as 24 suspects are arrested

Sri Lanka death toll has risen to 290 people following several explosions affecting churches and luxury hotels.

The number of the injured has also increased to 500 people with many foreigners reported to be among the dead.

The Easter Sunday turn of events was the worst attack in Sri Lanka since the civil war in 1996.

So far, the police have arrested 24 people in connection with the explosions as curfew was imposed and the social media temporarily blocked.

How Sri Lanka explosions began

The first explosion was reported at 8:45 local time as six others followed later in a span of a few minutes shaking the country.

The explosions are believed to have been targeted by a single group as they occurred on luxury hotels that were fully booked at the moment.

Explosive dives were found by the police as the number of the dead was not quickly revealed after the incident occurred.

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Thousands of citizens turned up at different hospitals to donate blood for the injured as blood shortage had likely run out.

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