Stampede at Fally Ipupa’s event leaves nine people and two police dead

Nine people and two police officers are feared dead following a stampede during Fally Ipupa’s event in DR Congo.

The event is reported to have been packed to the maximum when the stampede broke out leaving scores of others with injuries.

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Confirming the incident was the country’s Interior Minister Daniel Aselo Okito who said that too many people had been allowed inside the 80,000 Martrys’ stadium in the capital Kinshasa on Saturday.

He continued by saying that the organizers of the event had surpassed the stadium capacity and they should be punished for that offense.

Media reports confirm that at the start of the event, police had controlled two areas of the stadium that is the stage and the stadium itself where fans were allowed to stand but pressure forced them to allow people into the already packed event.

The number is reported to have been in excess that some stood at the corridors contrary to safety measures required in such an event.

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