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Statue of Kenyatta on new notes constitutional, High Court

The High Court has ruled in favor of Central Bank of Kenya in regard to the use of President Jomo Kenyatta’s statue on new notes.

Passing the ruling, the High Court said CBK did not violate the constitution when printing the new notes that included the KICC.

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As a matter of fact, CBK is said to have carried out extensive and public participation before printing the final design.

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“High Court ruled that there was no violation of the Constitution. The statue at KICC is an integral part of the building and is not a portrait. CBK carried out extensive, reasonable and all-inclusive public participation, leading to the final design of the currency.” Said CBK

Activist Okiya Omtatah challenged CBK new generation notes saying that they violated the constitution by including the image of the President Jomo Kenyatta.

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He further said that KICC and the image of the former President were two separate entities.

A team of Judges was forced to go to the site and take the measurements before making a verdict on the KICC statue saga.

A similar argument was brought up by EALA MP Simon Mbugua who challenged the issuance of the new notes.

Mbugua said the CBK did not follow the necessary public participation before printing them.

He further added that image of the former President in the notes was contrary to the constitution.

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