Wednesday, January 29, 2020
Home News & Updates Stowaway incident forces KQ to make U-turn

Stowaway incident forces KQ to make U-turn

A Kenya Airways, KQ Plane from South Africa heading to Nairobi is reported to have made a U-turn following a stowaway confirmation.

The news as reported by Herald indicated that the incident was reported shortly after take-off from Oliver Tambo airport in South Africa.

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It was revealed that the airplane reported that it was a mechanical issue but in the real sense, it was a stowaway who was to be left behind.

This is the second incident to have occurred as in July a stowaway was identified in a flight heading to London from Kenya.

The body of the man fell down on a farm in South London before an investigation began to identify him.

Four months later the image of the man was released and it was also confirmed that he was hiding under the landing area of the plane.


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