Sudan civilian and military sign a power-sharing deal

History has been made in Sudan when civilians and military signed a power-sharing accord bringing ending a long fight.

Sudan had been turned into a horror ground when military personnel ousted long-serving President Omar al-Bashir in April.

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Protesters demanded the military to hand back the power to them leading to a demonstration on the streets.

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Come June 3rd, over 100 people were reported dead following a deadly attack by the military who denied responsibility.

Sudan agreement in details

The new Sudan agreement signed by both the civilian and the military will see a rotation of power at the top tier.

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The council will consist of five military figures and five civilians. The 11 members of the council will be chosen by the 10 members.

The military will take control of the country in the first 21 months before handing over power to the civilians for a period of 18 months for over 3 years.

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In addition to that, the military has requested immunity over the death of innocent civilians

What the new deal means is Sudan is three years away from being fully run by civilians once the transition is complete.

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In addition to that, a sovereign council will be appointed to see a smooth transition.

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