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Super Petrol and Diesel prices decrease in latest review

Super petrol and Diesel prices will decrease as per the latest review by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA).

The new prices which are to come into effect on Tuesday 15th October will see Kerosene increase by Ksh 0.44 per litre.

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Super Petrol and Diesel will decrease by Ksh 4.76 and Ksh 1.08 per litre respectively as per the new prices.

Kerosene has increased by Ksh 0.44 per litre which has been attributed to the average landing cost of the product increasing by 0.47% from $484.29 to $486.55 per cubic metre.

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The decrease in prices of both Super Petrol and Diesel has been attributed by a decrease in the average landing cost by 7.66% and 2.32% respectively.

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The Free on board (FOB) cost of Murban crude oil went up in September by 3.40% from $62.30 in August to $64.42 in September.

The mean monthly exchange rate between the US Dollar and the Kenyan Shilling decreased by 0.34% from 103.44 in August to 103.79 in September.

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