Supreme Court upholds President William Ruto’s election

The Supreme Court of Kenya on Monday upheld the election of William Ruto as the President-elect in the contested elections.

Delivering the verdict, Chief Justice Martha Koome noted that there was no substantial evidence to prove that the elections were stolen as alleged by Azimio la Umoja camp.

“We are not persuaded that the technology failed on integrity, transparency, verifiability, and credibility. Where the identification kits failed the commission turned to manual register,” said CJ Martha Koome

She continued by dismissing Lawyer Julie Soweto’s claim of Jose Cormago’s interference as hot air that failed to prove anything before the court.

“On whether Venezuelan Jose Carmago accessed the RTS and interfered with the results, it turned out to be no more than hot air and we were taken on a wild goose chase that yielded nothing of value.’ CJ Koome

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