Thursday, August 18, 2022

Suspect arrested with homemade firearm in Mbita, Homabay

Police on patrol in Mbita, Homabay County recovered a homemade firearm and ammunition from a suspect’s house.

The hawk eyed police initially stopped one Moris Ochieng on suspicion of drug peddling only to discover a homemade pistol inside a bag he was carrying.

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“A cache consisting of parts of a homemade firearm, capable of firing and an assortment of homemade ammunition, has been recovered from a suspect’s house in Mbita, Homabay County. Moris Ochieng Obiero, who attracted the attention of hawk-eyed officers on patrol, was initially suspected of peddling cannabis sativa.

The officers’ worst fears were confirmed after they became inquisitive and ordered the 38-year old to open a bag that was in his possession, that they discovered a homemade pistol.” Said DCI

Further search inside the house of the suspect led to the discovery of various parts of a firearm and a white chemical that was taken and sent to government laboratory for determination.

The arrest comes in wake of increased insecurity in the region as the police believe a wide ring is involved in the business. Investigations also established the suspect is a security guard at a bank in the area.

“Further search in the suspect’s house, led to the discovery of the cache. The seized arsenal consisting of various parts of a firearm, depicted those of an AK-47 assault rifle.

Also recovered, was a chemical in form of a powder, whose samples were sent to the DCI forensic laboratory for further analysis. The discovery comes at a time when the area has recorded an increase in insecurity incidences, in as many weeks.

Meanwhile, detectives based in Homabay are investigating the motive of the suspect and whether he could be assembling the homemade firearms with the help of other accomplices, for sale to criminals.

Ironically, the suspect, works as a security officer at an established bank in Mbita. Members of the public are cautioned to be wary of criminals who brandish homemade firearms, commonly known as ‘Bonoko’ since most of them are capable of firing and are as lethal as the authentic firearms.” Said DCI

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