Suspect behind Everlyn Wanjiru’s murder arrested in Kiambu

Detectives have arrested one Brian Waweru a suspect wanted for the gruesome murder of Everlyn Wanjiru in Kiambu County.

The two are reported to be owners of a Barbershop and beauty parlour in Thindigua before the body of the deceased was found decomposing at his house.

“The suspect behind the gruesome murder of 24-year-old Everlyn Wanjiru, in Ndenderu, Kiambu County has been arrested.Detectives arrested 25-year-old Brian Waweru this afternoon, after he went into hiding following the cold-blooded murder of his girlfriend whose decomposing remains were found in his house last evening.

The two who jontly owned a Barbershop and beauty parlour in Thindigua, are said to have been lovebirds for a longtime before their relationship went south.” Said DCI

Investigation into the incident revealed that the two had parted ways since October last year after the suspect was arrested for assaulting the deceased. Efforrs by Brian’s family to settle the matter outside court also failed.

“Detectives established that the two had not been in talking terms since October last year, after Waweru assaulted the deceased and was arrested by detectives based at Thindigua police post. The suspect was presented before Kiambu Law courts and was out on cash bail when he committed the crime.

According to the deceased’s father, Waweru’s family had approached him several times for an out of court settlement but he had rejected the overtures after he learnt that the suspect was a serial offender, who also had a pending defilement case.” Said DCI

It was in December during Christmas that the two rekindled their love and the deceased was spotted at the suspect’s house before his decomposing body was found afterwards.

“But during the Christmas period, Waweru cajoled his estranged girlfriend into rekindling the dying embers of their once blissful union and love won. They reunited, partied and made merry together during the Christmas & New Year holidays.

A neighbour remembers seeing the two as they entered their rented one bedroom house on January 1st. That was the last time that Everlyn Wanjiru was seen alive. According to Waweru’s aunt who discovered the deceased’s remains, the suspect’s mother lives in the United States and she had sent her money for Waweru’s house rent and upkeep to supplement the suspect’s earnings, as has been the tradition.

She therefore passed by Waweru’s house at around 7:50pm and found the door locked. Using a spare key to the door, she opened it only to discover the deceased’s decomposing remains covered with a duvet.

Waweru had already taken flight.Detectives launched a manhunt for the suspect and arrested him this afternoon in Ndenderu area. He confessed to killing his girlfriend & even led scenes of crime detectives to the spot where he had concealed the murder weapon.

The suspect is currently in custody and is being processed for arraignment in court tomorrow, to answer to murder charges.” Said DCI

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