Thursday, August 18, 2022

Suspect in Ronalo food owner shooting sentenced to 23 yrs

Milimani Law Courts has on Wednesday sentenced Tom Mboya, the suspect behind the shooting of Ronalo food owner William Osewe to 23-years in jail.

The ruling made by Chief Magistrate Martha Mutuku took into consideration the probation period issued against the suspect after the incident.

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Speaking on Wednesday, Mutuku noted that the tour operator Tom Mboya did not show any signs of regret after attempting to murder Osewe in 2016. The two were allegedly fighting over a woman.

In her ruling, the Chief Magistrate slapped Mboya with 20 years in jail for the attempted murder and three more years for wounding Ronalo food owner William Osewe.

Last week the court found the suspect guilty of the offense confirming that both the prosecution and defense had proved their case well enough to deliver a verdict.

Immediately after the guilty verdict, Magistrate Martha Mutuku ordered Tom Mboya to be remanded at the Industrial Area Prison pending the verdict.

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