Tale of 76-year old who cycled to Moi’s kabarak home

A 76-year old man from Butere and a follower of the late President Daniel Moi embarked on a four days journey to Nakuru County.

Nathan Ambani travelled all the way to witness the burial of the former president using a bicycle covered almost 223 km to Kabarak, Nakuru County.

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His bicycle was donned in flags and messages he had for Mzee Moi but was greeted by a heavy security manning the house.

Speaking to Citizen. Ambani descibed the former head of state as an icon of peace and that he could not afford to miss his burial.

How he covered the 223 km riding a bicycle

Responding to Citizen, he was not afraid to say how he lacked enough money to cover his journey but would spend the night at random places and resume in the morning.

Ambani termed himself a peace ambassador who arrived to join many others who will make their way to Kabarak.

The government had already made plans to feed 30,000 mourners attending the burial and providing transport to Nakuru County.

Additional space will be made available to accommodate many other mourners with the county promising to provide additional transport if need arises.

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