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I cannot pole dance,admits Talia Oyando


Talia Oyando aka the Night Nurse has admitted that she cannot pole dance in one of her very recent pictures.

Talia who been very busy checking her weight looks sexier and younger of late as she poses her well trained body.

Recently she posted a photo of herself in a gym holding a post thanking the team behind the lovely picture.

She explains the reason as to why she is holding the pole but quickly indicates that she cannot pole dance. “i just posed next to the pole at the pole dance studio at my gym i cannot pole dance” said Talia Oyando.

Other than being in the gym, she has been marketing Uber eats that ensure that she has her food on time.

Apart from good food, Talia is a big fun of novels as she post a picture of herself reading Rita Marley’s “No woman no cry.”

“Spicy Indian food yuuuuummmmmyyy for my tummmyyyyyy decided to treat myself tonight. Also for the 50th time reading Rita Marleys “No Woman No Cry” hope you had a great sunday. Mines been fantastic “ Said Talia Oyando



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