Tanzania church stampede kills 20 people

20 people are feared dead with a dozen others injured following a church stampede in Tanzania.

The Saturday event saw people turn up in thousands at a sports stadium in Moshi before they crashed when they were called forward by the pastor to receive “blessed oil”.

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Tanzania detectives have already arrested the pastor who was preparing to leave the country.

Confirming the incident was Moshi Commissioner Kippi Warioba who said out of the 20 dead, five of them were children.

He continued by saying hell broke lose when the pastor identified as Boniface Mwamposa called on the crowd to step forward to receive the annointing oil.

The pastor is well known for attracting huge crowds with the promise of healing the sick by stepping on the blessed oil.

The death toll is however expected to rise as many others are still receiving treatment following the incident.

Detectives in Dar-es-Salaam caught up with the pastor who was fleeing the country to escape the wrath of the government.

Trouble is said to have began when Mwamposa instructed about 10,000 worshipers to rush at once to one side of the stadium.

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