Monday, December 6, 2021

Tanzania lifts ban discriminating pregnant schoolgirls

Tanzania through the Ministery of Education has lifted the ban discriminating pregnant schoolgirls from attending classes.

The news was confirmed by Education Minister Prof Joyce Ndalichako who told journalists that school-going children who dropped due to various reasons including pregnancy will now be allowed back to school.

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Prof Joyce also confirmed further directions from the government on how best the issue will be dealt with and an official statement will be released soon.

“The Minister of Education, Prof. Ndalichako has announced today the lifting of the discriminatory ban on adolescent mothers attending school. In Tanzania, around 5,500 girls drop out of school per year due to pregnancy.” said Tanzania Updates

Tanzania implemented the law in 2002 and was further solidified by then-President John Pombe Magufuli who was against the education of pregnant school-going girls in the country.

The law was first introduced in 1960’s where schoolgirls were regularly tested and those found pregnant were arrested as a measure to curb early child pregnancies.

The late President John Magufuli termed early child pregnancies as a hindrance to getting proper education calling on the government to also arrest the men involved as they were equally liable.

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