Saturday, September 18, 2021

Tanzanian gov’t threatens Canadian plane makers


The Tanzanian government is threatening De’ Havilland of Canada that it will no longer purchase the Bombardier Q400 held due to a court case.

Speaking on the matter was Tanzania Foreign Affairs Minister Prof. Palamangamba Kabudi said as a country they will pull out of the $33 million deal.

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He also confirmed to have held a meeting with Canada top diplomats to discuss on the same and get a quick response to the matter.

The plane in question was held in Canada following a court order issued in support of an application made by a South African farmer.

Hermanus Steyn is in a court battle with the government over a piece of land that was claimed in the 1980s.

This is the second incident to befall the Tanzanian government as in August, the same farmer went to a South African court to impound another airplane.

As of Canada, this is the second lawsuit filed in the country against President Magufuli government in a $38 million case by Stirling Civil Engineering.

Berryl Achieng
Kenyan news interests me a lot but I also keep tabs on other news making headlines in Africa and around the world.

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