Friday, April 10, 2020
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Text Book Centre pulls down a book over vulgar language

Text Book Centre has pulled out a book recommended by schools as a children reader but contained vulgar and foul language.

The book that was published by Storymoja publishers has been condemned by Kenya National Union of Teachers, KNUT terming it as corruption cartel.

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KNUT accused Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, KICD of responding to a similar fashion when exposed.

“CORRUPTION CARTELS at @KICDKenya always respond in a similar fashion when exposed. “We take great concern over the issues raised and would like to clarify that the book is not approved by us”

In their defense, Text Book Centre said they believe in upholding high moral standards of raising a generation of responsible citizens who are ethical.

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They continued by saying that they have taken measures to mitigate the issue and they will no longer be stocking the books.

In addition to that, they have pulled out the books from their shelves and contacted the publisher to recall the books.

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They finished off by thanking citizens for bringing the matter to their attention and for their continued support.

KICD in a statement said not all books in the market are approved and that teachers and parents should rely on the Orange Book before making a purchase.

“Not all books in the market are approved. That is why teachers and parents are expected to rely on the Orange book to buy the right books.

We have previously responded to worrying content whose origin was from foreign countries. This book is not approved.”

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