Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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Thailand police auction a car with hidden drugs

Anti drugs authorities in Thailand have apologized for auctioning a car that contained thousands of Yaba tablets in it.

The car, Honda CR-V was nabbed last year in a drug operation before it was auctioned last month for $19,000.

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Following the auction, a mechanic was able to discover about 94,000 amphetamine table hidden at the bumper of the car.

Normally what detectives in Thailand do after seizing such vehicles they do a thorough search before putting it up for auction.

The head of Narcotics confirmed to have gone through the required protocols but did not spot the other drugs a they were well hidden.

Last year they recovered 100,000 tablets from the back seat of the said vehicle during their search.

They have however promised to use the additional drugs found in the case that is still in court.

The mechanic of the garage has been promised a good reward for cooperating with the police following the discovery.

Yaba drugs which means crazy medicine are the highest smuggled narcotics from Myanmar and into Thailand.

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