The Akasha brothers plead guilty to drug trafficking charges

The Akasha brothers Baktash Akasha and Ibrahim Akasha have pleaded guilty to six counts of drug trafficking.

The two who were taken to USA back in January 2017 and they appeared in a court in the Southern District on New York.

The investigations was conducted by the DCI as disclosed in the social media page where they said” The Akasha brothers; Baktash Akasha and Ibrahim Akasha today pleaded guilty to six counts of Drug Trafficking charges in the Southern District of New York.The DCI_Kenya Director of Anti Narcotics Unit had assembled a water tight case in partnership with UNODC .”

Before the two brothers were flown to the USA, a case filed in a Mombasa court was ongoing to determine if they should be charged in the country or outside the country.

Back in the USA through their lawyer, they fought back claiming that USA has no jurisdiction to hear their case.

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In addition to that, the brothers alleged that they were kidnapped before being flown abroad something that rubbished by the Judge hearing their case.

The Director of the Anti Narcotics Unit personally flew to the USA as he had prepared the case and managed to have the two plead guilty to charges of drug trafficking, corruption to defeat extradition and conspiracy to use guns to facilitate their drug trafficking business.

“The Director Anti Narcotics Unit personally flew to the USA having diligently prepared the case&managed to have the two accused persons plead guilty to Drug Trafficking charges, Corruption to defeat extradition & Conspiracy to use guns to facilitate their Drug Trafficking business. “ said the DCI.

The director thanked the Drug Enforcement Administration for their collaboration to make sure that the two pleaded guilty to the crimes.

“The DCI Director appreciates a lot the close collaboration demonstrated between the DCI_Kenya and DEAHQ of the United States in this particular case that led to the accused persons pleading guilty.”

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