The Loft and Quiver among 43 clubs facing closure over excessive noise

43 bars and clubs are facing closure after the Nairobi County Liquor Board issued a memo revoking their licenses following complaints over excessive noise.

Quiver and the Loft are among the clubs and bars affected and could be closed as the board noted that the businesses have continued with their operations even after issuing similar orders before.

“43 bars and clubs facing closure after Nairobi County Liquor Licensing Board issues memo to revoke their licenses over excessive noise.” Said Seth Olale

This is not the first time clubs and bars in Nairobi have been closed following similar complaints but have continued with their operations shortly afterward.

It is alleged that the owners are wealthy business people who are well connected with top government officials thus making comebacks in the industry.

Other complaints raised include the issue of indecent dressing among the youth and untold tales of misbehavior among them.

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