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The only police that can arrest and apprehend a KDF soldier

The Kenyan Defence Forces (KDF) who are responsible for securing our borders from external attacks are one of feared and most respected in the country and even in Africa due to their exceptional results when they are deployed to various operations.

The men and women whose question of character, discipline and integrity are beyond reproach sometimes make mistake and that is why the constitution provided for a court-martial which deals with cases involving the army and provide lasting solutions. But the question is, who can arrest an army personnel and arraign them in court-martial?

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The special police unit which can arrest and apprehend an army officer is the Military Police or ‘the Red Berets’ known for putting on a red beret which make the distinct. They handle sensitive cases in the military such as fraud and forgery among other complex cases.

“We are the Corps mandated to police the KDF by promoting and ensuring the highest standard of conduct through quality military policing and provision of tactical provost support to KDF in all operations,” said Lieutenant Nyamita in a 2021 army magazine seen by a local media house.

The military police work hand in hand with the regular police who aid in investigations and submission of evidences to the Military Police who then conduct arrest and apprehension. According to Lt. Nyamita, for one to join the Military Police, one has to have a high level of discipline and has a desire for justice and fairness.

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Justus Kiprono
Justus Kiprono
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