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The weird reason why some ladies are still single

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It is okay to be single and no one should judge anyone for that but there is a wired reason ladies raise as to why they are single.

A reason that is far from the normal heartbreak from a previous relationship or advice she receiving pertaining to the guy he is dating at the moment.

Psychology has it people tend to be in a relationship with someone of the same character as their parent, so do ladies who are seriously searching for that father character in a manner.

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What will definitely catch one attention and sound absolutely weird is when a lady says she is single because she is in love with a man who she hasn’t even started a conversion with or she is in her head.

A man that she would meet today and hope one day he will notice her and things will go to a happy moment in the future.

Such a reason sounds weird but it is the reason as to why no matter who comes along, she will not give any attention and as a matter of fact she will not tell anyone of it.

It may sound crazy as it but the truth is someone is in a relationship with you in their mind. Weird indeed.

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