Thursday, August 18, 2022

Thika based traffic cop surrenders Ksh 26.2M to EACC

A total of Ksh 26.2 million has been recovered by Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) from a traffic police based in Thika.

The cop identified as Jamal bare Mohamed has been on the commission’s radar since 2016 where he was told to explain his source of wealth when his main duty all day is to control traffic in Thika.

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EACC were able to find millions of unexplained wealth in his bank accounts prompting immediate investigations to establish the source. A court order was quickly obtained by the commission to check his accounts.

The courts froze the accounts three days later with one of the accounts being held at Equity bank as revealed by Citizen TV.

In an attempt to save himself from the scandal, Jamal moved to court four years pleading to have the case settled outside but his plea was rejected by the court. Efforts to access the accounts were also rejected.

It was this year in July when the traffic police requested to return the whole amount to the government, a request was agreed by both parties.

Hearing the plea, the court ordered the amount to be transferred to EACC bank account held at KCB before it then transferred to National Treasury for public use.

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