Thika Road users welcomed by banners against the Judiciary

Nairobians have on Tuesday morning been welcomed by banners along Thika Road hanged by unknown people.

The banners tear into the performance of the Judiciary led by Chief Justice David Maraga.

One of the banners seeks to know if corrupt governors will ever be jailed even after being prosecuted.

Others posed to ask the question of why most of the inmates in Kenya are poor people.

The Akasha story was not spared either as the question of why it took the U.S two months to prosecute them while they have been walking free in Kenya.

The banners come at a time when questions have been asked over the time period justice is delivered.

President Uhuru Kenyatta while addressing the nation posed to ask why it took a short time to sentence Akasha’s brothers in the U.S when nothing happened in Kenya.

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