This is how a drug peddler caused Tanzania fuel tanker explosion

The cause of Tanzania fuel tanker explosion that has left about 57 people dead has been established to have been caused by a drug peddler.

In a report shared by Ayo TV, the drug peddler who was among the people to have rushed to scene of accident is said to have tried to steal the tanker’s battery.

It was during the process that a spark occurred igniting a massive fire killing 57 people on the spot.

The Saturday incident occurred when a tanked overturned in Morogoro area of Tanzania on transit from the port.

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Residents rushed to the scene to recover some fuel as documented in a video doing rounds on social media.

The explosion is said to have affected even those a distance away from the scene leaving 65 other people sustaining injuries.

Firefighting units and the police were deployed at the scene to oversee the rescue and containment of the fire breakout.

The number is however is expected to rise

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