Thursday, October 6, 2022

This is why I can’t join politics,reveals Akothee

Mother and singer Akothee has been known to be a tough cookie but deep down she truly has a heart of gold that’s why she confirms she cannot join politics.

Speaking on Saturday, the mother of five has called for the promotion of Kenyan songs by inviting our very own artists to our own shows.

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“Lets just play our own music, invite our own artists to our own shows, because these fans are our own fans, nobody will give us a platform even to curtain raise in other countries , we over hype the neighbouring countries!’ Said Akothee.

She continues by admitting that as a country foreign artist are overpaid as our very own are underpaid. Akothee continues by saying that she demands international acts to make way into Kenya so that a percentage of what is earned is channeled into orphanages, charities and hospitals.

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“Over pay them and they go spend the money in their countries, and underpay our artist, we also demand that when international act comes for a show in Kenya, let some percentage go to charity, let them visit school’s, hospitals, orphanages, not only club appearances a bottle of hernesy is a whole year school fee for some needy.” Said Akothee.

She closes off by saying that from her point of think its clear that she cannot join politics as she will expose them all.

“Now you know why I can’t join politics, they will kill me after 2 weeks, coz I will expose them all” Closes off Akothee.

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