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This Why the Kenyan music debate is personal to Jalango

Radio presenter and comedian Jalango had on Monday ranted his disappointment to Kenyan musician who ask radio presenters/media personalities to push their content.

Responding to Naiboi, Jalango posted photos of radio presenters/media personalities who helped push Naiboi’s song 2 in 1 as he said “hauna shukrani kabisa.

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On Wednesday Jalango took time to explain why he has taken the “play Kenyan Music” thing personal.

In a lengthy post Jalango said that Kenyan artist are to blame as they have to be begged to appear at an interview, send a poster of a gig, beg to give a DJ drop, relax after dropping a hit etc.

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“PLAY KENYAN MUSIC!! BUY KENYAN MUSIC!! I know most of you are wondering why I have taken this debate so personal, it is because I interact, I host and I talk to Kenyan artists daily.

Unless most of them change their work ethics the Bongo and the Naija songs will still rule our airwaves because of the following:

1. There are artists we call for interviews and totally don’t show up.

2. There are artists who you have to beg to even post a poster of a show they are performing at.

3. There are artists who you literally have to beg to even send you a DJ’s Drop

4.There are artists who after giving us one huge song, think that, that’s the end of the world and for more than a year, they bask in the glory of That one song and when you stop playing it, they tell you “You’re not playing Kenyan Music ”

5. There are artists who do not even have their own songs as their Skiza tunes .” said Jalango

The Milele FM presenter proceeded to give a past example where artists failed to turn up during a meeting with Safaricom and those who turned up never wrote proposal requesting for sponsorship.

“I one day, organised a meeting between Safaricom and Kenyan Artists to help them know how safaricom sponsorship works. First we had to Beg them to come and even those who came, I don’t think any of them has ever written to Safaricom to ask for sponsorship Good Music will always be played and even We presenters will look for it, example is Dundaing!” said jalango

Jalango then gives an example of Nyashinski who made a return to making music and after just two songs he has taken over the industry.

“Realshinski was away for 10 years, came back and it only took him two songs to rule the airwaves…Good Music!! Vimbada mojishortbabaa and jabidii_music pushed the song as if their lives depended on it..Hard work!! and khaligraph_jones knows what hard work is, he sleeps, eats his music and stays in the studio late creating content. The same Kenyan artists, do not support each other but compete against each other, How will the industry grow? “ said Jalango

The radio presenter finalizes by saying that Kenyan artist that music pays and that they should in it in order to get good returns.

“Lastly, Music is a business,Invest in your business and it will always give you returns.” Said Jalango.

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