Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Three arrested for kidnapping 79-year-old man in Kitale

Three people have been arrested for kidnapping a 79-year-old man in Kitale and demanding a ransom of Ksh 2 million.

The victim is reported to have been kidnapped as on June 6th as he planned to travel to Kisii from Kitale and even informed his wife on his plans.

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His phone went unanswered the following day prompting the wife to report the matter to the DCI after receiving a message from the captors demanding the ransom.

“Three people have been arrested in connection with the kidnapping of a 79-year-old man, that occurred on June 6, in Kitale. Kennedy Bosire Nyabwari, disappeared after setting off for Kisii, from his Kitale home at around 5:30pm, on the fateful day.

He later called his wife at around 9pm informing her that he would spend the night in Kitale town, before proceeding to Kisii early the following morning. However, when she called her husband the following day at around 4pm, his phone went unanswered.

Later at around 8:30pm,she received a call from strangers who informed her that they had held her husband captive & demanded a ransom of sh2 million, to secure his release. Terrified, the woman dialed our DCI toll free line & informed us of her predicament.” Said DCI

Last night the three were arrested at the outskirts of Kitale Town. A motorbike used to ferry the victim was also recovered.

“A team of detectives from Special Service Unit and Crime Research & Intelligence Bureau, supported by investigators based in Kitale, was immediately mobilized to track down the kidnappers, who were demanding the ransom.

Last night under the cover of darkness, the detectives with stealth and precision, rescued the man from the jaws of his captors at a house in the outskirts of Kitale town. Three suspects, Grace Kerubo Nyakundi, Samwel Atunya Makori and Richard Okari Matunda who had attempted to escape, were arrested.

A motorbike used by the suspects to ferry the victim and a gunnysack used to blindfold the old man were also recovered. Detectives are currently pursuing a third suspect identified as Jackson nyakundi Atei.” Said DCI

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