Three children burn to death in Migori County

Three children have on Saturday night died after their house caught fire in Migori County.

The children were aged 4,7 and 11 were alone at the time of the fire as their father was away.

Speaking after the incident, area Chief John Ojwang said that the mother of the three children left the kids two months after some domestic disagreement with their father.

The cause of the fire is not yet known and efforts from the neighbours to put off the fire were futile resulting to their death.

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Mr. Ojwang further added that investigation after the inferno showed that the main door was locked from outside making it hard for any rescue to happen at the time.

He urged parents to take care of their children and not leave them alone like what happened to the three children.

In other news making this week, three managers were arrested by Energy Regulatory Commission after they were found guilty of malpractice.

The three were ambushed following an impromptu visit to Tana River before being caught red handed selling fuel at a higher price than the recommended one.

Area residents were urged to report such cases to the authorities.

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