Three children rescued by MP after being abandoned by mother

Three children were resued by Nyandarua Women Representative Faith Gitau after they were locked up at Kiambogo Pilice Post in Kipipiri Constituency.

Susan Wambui the mother of the children was arrested by police during a patrol as she was completely drank. She is said to have insulted the police who were patrolling forcing them to arrest her together with her three children.

Susan is said to have left her four children aged between two to ten years alone as she went to drink with friends.

Hon. Faith Gitau however intervened the release of the children to their grandmother as the mother is still held awaiting prosecution.

High substance abuse

Hon. Gitau condemned the increased rate of alcoholism and substance abuse in the area calling for local leaders to establish a rehabilitation centre to curb the high rates and save the victims.

She also called for the county government to ensure that the youth are sober to avoid such incidents in the future.

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The most affected lot according to Hon. Gitau are young men and women and she therefore called for joint effort to curb the issue.

She however told the security officer of Miharati Police Station where Susann is currently held to first ensure Susan is taken for a psychiatric test as she strongly believes she must be suffering from a mental problem.

The root cause

Susan’s mother however spoke to the police officers at the station that the root cause of her daughter’s problem is she has been suffering at the hands of her brothers.

Since then she has been living a horrible life. It’s said that Susan whose chased away from her maternal house after divorcing with her husband who currently works in a quarry.

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